Google Universal Analytics (GA3)

The Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ) is a widely recognized professional credential.  As of this time, the GAIQ is still based on Google Analytics Universal; a GA4-based certification has not been introduced.

Google Analytics Universal deployment and usage is expected to remain widespread in the near future while GA4 matures and gains adoption and the two platforms are used in parallel.

The Google Analytics Universal/GAIQ test resources on this site are designed to reinforce skills in Google Analytics Universal and help you prepare for the GAIQ.

The table below compares the GAIQ with the Google Analytics Universal/GAIQ section of

GAIQGoogle Analytics Universal/GAIQ on
Duration60 minutesunlimited
Questions70101 (grouped into smaller, topic-specific tests)
Skill Levelcore competencycore competency
some advanced topics
Question Formatsradio buttons*
radio buttons*
Review Responses Before Submissionnoyes
Correct Answers Indicated
Upon Submission
Passing Score80% (56 correct responses)scored, but pass/fail not indicated
Wait to Retake if Fail7 daysno fail, no wait
Developed by Googleyesno
Official Credentialyesno
Certificateyes, valid one yearno
*single-answer multiple choice
**multiple-answer multiple choice

Tips for Taking the GAIQ

Before the Test

  • Read through Google’s FAQ.
  • Review Google Analytics for Beginners and Advanced Google Analytics at Google Analytics Academy. The other Google Analytics resources available there are useful but mostly beyond the scope of the GAIQ.

At Test Time

  • Plan to take the test where internet connectivity is stable.
  • Have the following Google Universal Analytics assets open in separate tabs, and be prepared to refer to them:
    • an empty, unpopulated Google Universal Analytics account, property and view that you have created and therefore have Edit rights to. (If you have not created one before, be sure to create a Google Analytics account before taking the GAIQ. A new account that you create will be accessible only to you and will not populate unless you deploy the tracking code.)
    • the Google Analytics Universal demo account
    • another populated Google Analytics account that you have access to and are familiar with
  • The test will include a few questions about implementation concepts, but probably no direct questions about Google Tag Manager or granular aspects of implementation.
  • Time yourself. The 60 minutes for 70 questions should be sufficient, but don’t get too stuck on individual questions. (You can get 14 questions wrong and still pass.)
  • Do take enough time to read each question carefully.
  • There could conceivably be multiple reasonable answers; choose the answer that you think is most correct.
  • If the next question does not appear when you submit a question, check other browser tabs to see if the next question has appeared there.
  • If you haven’t submitted the test after 60 minutes, you’ll be graded based on the questions that you have answered and will not get credit for the questions that you have not answered.

After the Test

  • Upon earning a passing score, don’t be alarmed if you receive an email from Skillshop saying that you’re certified in Google Ads. Your certification will still show correctly in Skillshop as the Google Analytics Individual Qualification.