A note from Eric Fettman, Director of Capabilities and Enablement at Cardinal Path, and developer of googleanalyticstest.com:

googleanalyticstest.com first appeared in 2011. After several years of dormancy, the new iteration of the site is now available, with a focus on Google Analytics 4. We hope that it helps you to build meaningful skills in Google Analytics and to navigate its changing landscape.

Many thanks to my Cardinal Path colleagues Scott Shannon, Kayla Kinch, Asmaa Mourad, and Elise Dunham for their direct contributions to this project, and to Mahmoud Morsi, Ahmed Marof, Tara Kincade, Brianna Mersey, Andre Wei, Bill Tripple, and Eboni Ryan for their additional support.

If your organization may need guidance on Google Analytics 4 migration, please don’t hesitate to contact us.