Frequently Asked Questions


What is the purpose of the Google Analytics Test?

The Google Analytics Test seeks to provide a community-based testing and learning forum for Google Analytics and closely related subject areas.

Does it cost anything to participate in the Google Analytics Test?

No. It's completely free.

Do I need to have any experience with Google Analytics to participate in the Google Analytics Test?

Those who have at least some degree of hands-on experience with Google Analytics will probably be able to benefit and contribute most. However, even for relative beginners, the test can provide a framework for further learning and practice in Google Analytics.

Is Google part of the Google Analytics Test?

No. Google Corporation is not directly involved with the project in any way.

Are the questions in the Google Analytics Test based on the new version of Google Analytics?

The test is updated on an ongoing basis, but certain questions may still reflect previous versions of the certain features.

Signing Up

Do I need to sign up to take a test?

No. You can take a test without signing up. You do need to sign up to pause between test sessions, receive a score report, save your test questions and responses, add comments, and add your own questions to the question pool.

Do I have to provide my email address when I sign up?

No. You can sign up without providing your email address, but you cannot receive a score report or retrieve your lost password without one.

Taking the Test

How many questions are in the Google Analytics Test?

There are currently 262 questions available in the question pool. When you set up your test, you can indicate how many questions you want.

What is the format of the questions?

There are three question formats:

  • True/False
  • Radio Buttons - 1 correct answer choice out of 4
  • Checkboxes - between 1 and 4 correct answer choices
There are no open-ended questions.

How long does the test take? Is there a time limit?

There is no time limit on the test. The duration will depend largely on the number of questions you choose. You should estimate one minute or more per question.

Can I refer to Google Analytics during the test?

You are strongly encouraged to refer to a Google Analytics account and related support materials during the test.

Do I have to take the test in a single session?

As long as you have signed up, you can log out and resume your test at any time.

Is there a passing score?

Though your test score is calculated as a point of reference, there is no specific minimum score that is considered passing.

Can I save my test results?

Provided that you have signed up, test results are saved automatically. You can log in and review your previous test questions, responses, and answer explanations at any time.

How many times can I take a test?

There is no limit to the number of times you can take a test.

Will the same questions appear on multiple tests?

Provided that you are logged in, questions that appear on one test will by default be excluded from subsequent tests.

Can I take the same test more than once?

Provided that you are logged in, you can opt to retake any previous test with the same questions.

Are all tests comparably difficult?

Not necessarily. Questions vary in difficulty by content, and especially by format. (That is, a checkbox question is harder than a radio button question, and a radio button question is harder than a true/false question.)

Are all questions guaranteed to be 100% accurate?

Since Google Analytics evolves steadily, you may occasionally encounter inaccurate or obsolete information within the questions and answer explanations.

Participants who encounter any such discrepancies are encouraged (if logged in) to post a comment or submit a question revision request on the answer explanation screen.

How do I add new questions for other people to see on their tests?

If you have signed up and completed at least one test, you can click any Add a Question link and post your own question. All questions undergo a quick administrative review, after which you'll be notified that your question has been accepted into the live question pool or that clarification is needed.


How is my email address used?

If you choose to provide your email address, it is used only for forwarding score reports and password reminders. You will not receive any other emails from the Google Analytics Test or any affiliated partners.

Can anyone see my score?

No other participants in the Google Analytics Test can see your test results. Score data may be used collectively and anonymously for analysis and reporting purposes only.

Can I delete my profile and my test records if I choose?

Yes. On the profile screen, there is an option for deleting your profile that you can execute at any time without administrative approval.

Relation to Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ) Test

Is the Google Analytics Test equivalent to the GAIQ?

No. The Google Analytics Test does not provide certification and is not designed as a substitute for the Google Analytics IQ test.

Can the Google Analytics Test help me prepare for the GAIQ?

Yes. Although the Google Analytics Test is not in any way endorsed as an official preparation resource, it can certainly help you prepare for the Google Analytics certification test.

How does the Google Analytics Test differ from the GAIQ?

In the Google Analytics Test, you can see correct and incorrect responses, as well as thorough answer explanations for each question. Additionally, you can add comments to questions, add your own questions to the question pool, and save your test results for future reference.

Can you recommend any additional resources for GAIQ preparation?

See the Google Anaytics Certification page.

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