Google Analytics Certification

I'm Eric Fettman, developer of (which is not in any way affiliated with the official Google Analytics Individual Qualification test). Below are some of my recommendations to help you prepare for the GAIQ.

Google Analytics Conversion University

The lessons at Conversion University are all very well presented and very worthwhile. However, Conversion University cannot currently be considered as a comprehensive outline of the GAIQ, since it no longer covers some subject areas (such as the Google Analytics tracking code, cross/sub-domain tracking, visits vs. visitors, and cookies) that remain essential for your test preparation.

For the GAIQ, you can disregard the note regarding Universal Analytics; it's very unlikely at this point that your test will contain any questions on this subject.

Another useful GAIQ preparation resource, particularly if you've begun working with Google Analytics recently, is the Digital Analytics Fundamentals course offered by Google. Registration (free) is open through October 8, 2013, but course materials should remain accessible after that date.

Google Analytics Individual Qualification Test Notes from Jens Sorensen

Jens' blog post dates from 2010 but remains very relevant. Great resource.

Google Analytics Test

This free, community-based resource has received much positive feedback for GAIQ preparation. Our content team has contributed more than 250 questions across 32 categories, so you can focus on any specific subject area or test yourself on the entire spectrum of test topics. Please note, however, that many of the questions on are more difficult (and time-consuming) than those on the GAIQ, since extends somewhat beyond the scope of the official test.


The Google Analytics module at iPassExam is focused very specifically on preparing you for your Google Analytics certification. The 290+ questions closely emulate the actual GAIQ in terms of format, subject matter, and difficulty.

Note: I serve as Google Analytics resource editor at iPassExam. If you do sign up, please take advantage of the discount code GATEST for 10% off.

Use a Live Google Analytics Account

As mentioned above, the GAIQ is intended to evaluate your actual, day-to-day experience with Google Analytics, but if you're new to Google Analytics and are quickly ramping up to your certification, make sure that you're using a live account at admin level (that is, with editing and user management rights) for preparation and during the actual test.

Feature Updates

Because Google Analytics continues to evolve quite dynamically, it can be hard to know exactly when the GAIQ will reflect the latest changes. Keep in mind that the certification test is designed to evaluate your proficiency with features that you've already been using for a while, so it's unlikely that the GAIQ will refer to changes that are less than a few months old.

More broadly, most of the fundamental principles and functionality remain the same through succeeding versions of Google Analytics. More than the most recent updates, it's your core knowledge of Google Analytics that the GAIQ is designed to assess.

Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics by Brian Clifton

This book offers considerably more detail and breadth than you'll need for the GAIQ, but if you're seeking a clear, practical, and comprehensive guide to Google Analytics or a deep dive into a specific topic, Advanced Web Metrics is an excellent resource.

Only the Beginning

The GAIQ is an important credential for demonstrating competency in Google Analytics, but it would go against the spirit of the certification to regard it as an end unto itself. Once you have documented your baseline proficiency by earning your GAIQ, it's time to start (or continue) working with Google Analytics as an essential tool for increasing leads, sales, and visitor satisfaction on an ongoing basis.

Hope this has been helpful. Any questions, please email me at or access the Contact Us form below.